We at Reno Guys Pte. Ltd. specialize in commercial and residential electrical renovations and upgrades. Our expert team of licensed electricians provides a full range of electrical services for homes and businesses across the Reno area. Whether you need lighting installation for your new office space or wiring for an industrial facility, Reno Guys is your trusted source for safe, code-compliant electrical work. Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and safety has allowed us to become the premier electrical contractor in northern Nevada. At Reno Guys, we believe that behind every successful business and home is a solid electrical foundation. It is our mission to build that foundation.

Our Expertise in Commercial Electrical Works

As experts in commercial electrical work, we have the experience and skills to handle any project. Our team of licensed electricians is trained and certified to perform installations, repairs, and maintenance for industrial, retail, and office spaces.

Commercial Lighting and Wiring

We install high-quality energy-efficient lighting for workplaces, warehouses, and showrooms. All wiring is done according to safety standards to ensure functionality, reliability, and compliance. We also set up backup generators and exit signs as required.

Security and Communication Systems

We install advanced security systems including fire alarms, intruder detection, and 24-hour monitoring and surveillance. For optimized connectivity, we set up robust Wi-Fi networks, voice and data cabling, as well as audio-visual equipment.

Green Energy Solutions

For sustainable energy, we install solar panels, inverters and metering systems. We handle grid-tied and off-grid solar systems for maximum cost savings. Our electric vehicle charging stations provide an eco-friendly option for commercial fleets and customer parking lots.

Regular Servicing and Emergency Repairs

We offer service contracts to conduct regular checks and maintenance on all electrical systems and equipment. Our team is on 24-hour standby for any emergency repairs or troubleshooting to minimize downtime and ensure continuity of business operations.

With decades of experience in commercial electrical works, Reno Guys Pte. Ltd. is the trusted choice for electrical installation, upgrades, and emergency services. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction has made us the leading experts in this field.

Residential Electrical Renovations: From Wiring to Lighting

As a renovation company specializing in electrical works, we have extensive experience renovating residential spaces. Our team of licensed electricians ensures all wiring and lighting installations meet safety codes and the homeowners’ needs.

Residential Electrical Wiring

We handle all aspects of residential electrical wiring, from upgrading outdated fuse boxes to panel replacements and rewiring entire homes. Our goal is to provide a modern, code-compliant electrical system tailored to your living space.

Recessed and Track Lighting

For residential lighting, we recommend recessed or track lighting which provides ambient illumination throughout the home. Recessed lighting, or can lights, are installed flush with the ceiling while track lighting uses wall-mounted tracks for adjustable spotlights. Both options give homeowners flexibility and control over the level and direction of light.

Ceiling Fans and Pendant Lights

In addition to recessed lighting, we also install decorative fixtures like ceiling fans, pendant lights, and chandeliers. Ceiling fans circulate the air for comfort and energy efficiency. Pendant lights and chandeliers make a stylish focal point, with options ranging from minimalist glass pendants to grand, multi-tiered chandeliers.

With decades of experience, Reno Guys is your trusted partner for residential electrical renovations and lighting installations. Our licensed electricians provide homeowners customized solutions, quality workmanship, and safety inspections for total peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Works

As experts in residential and commercial electrical works, we frequently get asked certain questions about our services. Here are some of the most common queries:

What certifications and licenses do your electricians hold?

Our electricians are fully certified and licensed to carry out all types of electrical installations and repair works. They hold relevant diplomas and have undergone proper technical training. They also possess valid licenses and certifications to work as professional electricians in Singapore.

Do you offer free quotations and consultations?

We provide free on-site quotations and consultations for all our services. Our electricians will evaluate your electrical needs, take measurements and specifications, and recommend suitable solutions. They will then furnish you with a detailed quotation with a breakdown of costs for your approval before commencing any work. There are no hidden or additional charges in our final bill.

What electrical services do you offer for residential properties?

For residential spaces, we offer a comprehensive range of electrical services including:

  • General wiring and rewiring works
  • Circuit breaker upgrading and replacement
  • Ceiling fan and light fixture installations
  • PowerPoint additions and relocations
  • Generator and backup power system installations
  • EV charger installations
  • And more. Our team can handle all types of residential electrical projects of any scale.

We hope this helps to address some of the common questions about our electrical contracting services. Please feel free to contact us if you require any clarifications or have additional queries.


Whether it’s a small home rewiring project or a massive commercial build. We stay up-to-date with the latest safety standards and technologies to ensure we offer solutions that are efficient, innovative and help our clients save on energy costs. For high-quality electrical installation and repair services, Reno Guys should be your first call. Our expertise, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart.