We have all had dreams of transforming our living spaces into an ideal sanctuary that perfectly reflects our style and values. However, making major changes to an existing home can seem like an overwhelming challenge. At Reno Guys Pte. Ltd., our team of experienced specialists is adept at executing hacking and tearing down works to open up new possibilities for your residential or commercial renovation dreams.

Through precision, skill, and care, we handle everything from partial demolitions that open up more spacious layouts to full teardowns that allow for ground-up custom rebuilds. Our expertise in safely removing walls, floors, and infrastructure enables us to provide solutions tailored to your unique needs and the structural requirements of your building. We take pride in facilitating the realization of your renovation vision through our proficiency in hacking and tearing down.

At Reno Guys, we believe that expert hacking works are the foundation for building your dream home. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and client satisfaction has made us the go-to renovation partner for homeowners and businesses across Singapore. We invite you to discuss your project ideas with our team and see how our specialized skills in hacking and tearing down can help transform your space.

Our Expertise in Hacking Works

As renovation experts, we specialize in hacking and tearing down works to transform any residential or commercial space. Our team has over 20 years of experience in hacking concrete walls, floors, and ceilings to open up spaces or change the layout and flow of a room.

Wall Hacking

We have extensive experience hacking through reinforced concrete and brick walls. Our expert team can carefully demolish selected walls or do full wall removals to open up spaces, combine rooms, or change the floor plan layout. We take care of any wiring, piping, or structural supports to ensure the stability and safety of the remaining walls.

Floor Hacking

We can hack through concrete, tile, or timber floors to create light wells, staircases, or double-volume spaces. Our process involves carefully breaking up and removing sections of the floor without damaging the remaining floor or the floor below. We then reinforce and seal any edges. Floor hacking allows for unique architectural elements and more open, bright spaces.

Ceiling Hacking

For double-volume spaces or loft conversions, we can hack through concrete ceilings and seal and reinforce the edges. We remove debris and ensure the remaining ceiling is still structurally sound. Ceiling hacking opens up cramped spaces and allows for skylights, mezzanine floors or attic conversions.

With our experience, equipment, and dedication to safety, we are able to transform any space through expert hacking works. Reno Guys is able to make your renovation dreams a reality.

Residential Hacking Services: Creating Open-Concept Homes

As experts in residential renovation, we offer professional hacking services to help homeowners achieve an open-concept layout. Our team can perform precision demolition to open up walls and combine separate areas into a single, spacious living space.

Precision Demolition

We utilize specialized tools and techniques to carefully tear down existing walls. Our demolition is strategic and controlled to avoid damage to structural elements and surrounding surfaces. We also thoroughly contain debris and dust to minimize mess and inconvenience.

Creating an Open Floor Plan

By removing interior partitions and walls, we can transform a cramped, compartmentalized home into an open, airy space. Combining a kitchen, dining area and living room is a popular option that allows families to interact and share time together. An open layout also creates an illusion of more square footage.

Enhancing Natural Light

Removing walls opens up sightlines and allows natural light to filter through the home. An open concept helps to brighten interior rooms that previously felt dark or enclosed. The end result is a space that feels more spacious, inviting, and filled with ambient light.

Professionalism and Safety

Our team approaches every hacking job with care, professionalism, and a commitment to safety. We properly ventilate, cordon off work areas, and clean up thoroughly after completing a project. Homeowners can feel at ease knowing that our renovation will be efficient, minimize disruption, and result in a space conceptualized with their needs and vision in mind.

Hacking Works for Commercial Spaces: Opening Up Possibilities

At Reno Guys, our expertise extends to commercial spaces as well. We work with business owners, property managers, and developers to open up new possibilities through our hacking and tearing down services.

Commercial demolitions require careful planning to minimize disruption. We assess the site and building infrastructure to determine the optimal process. This may involve temporarily relocating utilities, ensuring structural integrity, and managing noise, dust, and access issues.

Experience Matters

With over 15 years of experience, we understand the complexity of commercial projects and navigate challenges with expertise. Our team has tackled demolitions for offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and more. We stay up-to-date with the latest tools, techniques, and safety standards to get the job done efficiently while keeping costs under control.

A Customized Approach

No two commercial spaces are alike, so we customize our approach for each client’s unique needs and goals. This could mean partial demolition to open up a new atrium, full strip-outs for major renovations, or selective demolition to accommodate new building services. We determine the scope of work required to achieve the desired outcome.

Seamless Execution

At Reno Guys, we strive to make the process as seamless as possible for our commercial clients. We work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure a coordinated approach. Our team takes care of obtaining proper permits, waste removal, and site safety. With professional project management, we deliver hacking and tearing down works on time and within budget, enabling you to move ahead with transforming your space.

Reno Guys has the experience and expertise to open up new possibilities for your commercial space. Through customized demolition services, we clear the way for your vision to become a reality.


We at Reno Guys have a passion for transforming spaces into dream homes and workplaces. Our expertise in hacking and tearing down the old to make way for the new has enabled hundreds of clients to achieve customized renovations that suit their unique needs and budgets. While the tearing down process can appear daunting, our experienced team approaches each job with care, skill, and precision to minimize disruption. We believe that every space has the potential for reinvention. If you have a vision for a new kitchen, an open-concept living area, or a cozy reading nook but face structural challenges, talk to us. We have the know-how and tools to hack through walls and tear down barriers, allowing your vision to take shape. Dream it, and we will build it. Reno Guys is here to turn to hack and tearing into an art form.